Review: Henrik Freischlader – Live 2014 (Night Train To Budapest Farewell Tour)

Posted on: Thursday, May 28, 2015


Henrik Freischlader – Live 2014 (Night Train To Budapest Farewell Tour)

(Cable Car Records: CCR 0311-45

German ‘all-rounder’ Henrik Freischlader bowed out from a prolific ten year period of recording and touring with this mighty fine live album – “Live 2014 (Night Train To Budapest Farewell Tour)” – recorded in his home country last November. As well as being a sublime guitar player, he also sings, produces – both his own material and other artistes – as well as writing the songs!

This 10-track collection illustrates the broad spectrum of his music – from the melodic love songs, to out-and-out rockers, some funk, and of course a blues input. He is ably assisted by his road band, comprising of: Theofilos Fotiadis (bass), Dirk Sengotta (drums) and Moritz Fuhrop (keyboards) – a most skilled group of musicians and the perfect foil for Freischlader to weave his magic on top of.

Proceedings get under way with the funky “A Better Man”, with it’s cool groove and the prominent keys of Moritz Fuhrop; the following, lengthy “Too Cool For Me” again is beautifully performed by all present and never overstays its welcome over a leisurely 8:45, complete with trademark stinging, but very tasteful guitar solo.

The pace is taken up for the blues shuffle, “Disappointed Women”, which fairly rattles along to start with, driven by the rhythm section of Fotiadis and Sengotta, and again with telling contributions from Moritz Fuhrop – with Freischlader taking the music right down and building it up again . . . lovely indeed!

Elsewhere we have the reggae-groove of “Keep Playin'”, the funky rocker”Point of View” and the powerful “Gimme All You Got”. However for me, the best is saved for last – the gorgeous, self-explanatory “Guitar Intro”, which gives way to the stunning closer, “Desert Love”. At a combined 15-minutes plus it shows everything good about Freischlader and band. It’s a truly lovely song with more amazing guitar and the band again playing their part – with Fuhrop particularly embellishing the song, and heartfelt vocals – it’s a gem!

I’m sure this isn’t really farewell from this most talented of musicians – possibly just a ‘battery recharge’. One thing is for sure he has produced some mighty fine music over the last ten years, and this live album can be added to that list. Of course, highly recommended.


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