Gigs: Bluefunk presents at Poynton Legion . . .

Posted on: Sunday, May 31, 2015


Just in from Garry White:

Two more days and it’s June. Still freezin’ still rainin’. Texas (a desert state) is currently under water, in India temperatures are nudging 50 degs C and killin’ folks, in Mexico a town, that has never had a tornado, was flattened in 60 seconds by a tornado. There are still people denying climate change and we are still going to frack the shit out of the UK and Sepp Blatter will probably be re-elected.

The only things I look forward to are seeing my grandchildren and listening to live music. As long I have the sound of some good blues in my ears the world can (and will) go to hell in a hand cart. Coming to save the world next week is the sublime ‘Original’ JLS. The acme of acoustictasticness, a trio of giants –  Jim Kirkpatrick, Lester Hunt and Stevie Hayes. If you have seen them before, I know you are coming back for more. If you haven’t then I suggest you fix that next Sunday.

Later in flaming June we have a Saturday special, The Billy Walton Band from Noo Joisey USA. Awesome awesome awesome. Press those buttons.
ps how good were Virgil and the Accelerators and the delicious Doug Macleod. Rich pickings indeed.

When : Sunday, 7th June

Where : Poynton Legion

Ticket : £8 booked, £10 door

Billy Walton Band

When : Saturday, 27th June

Where : Poynton Legion

Ticket : £12 booked, £14 door!home-new/cbrk

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