Review: Cecile Doo-Kingue – Anyone Listening Pt 1: Monologues

Posted on: Saturday, Jun 6, 2015

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Review for CECILE DOO-KINGUE – CD – ‘Anybody Listening Pt 1 : Monologues’ – 2015 CDK MUSIC CDK-05

Guitarist, singer-songwriter Cecile Doo-Kingue from Montreal, Canada, has produced a superb acoustic album – ‘Anybody Listening Pt 1 : Monologues’ – with a mix of blues, afro roots and folk. Cecile’s fingerpicking guitar style and dusky vocals give the album – recorded, mixed and produced in her personal studio – a unique flavour. All the tracks are written and performed by Cecile.

The opening track ‘Make me’, has explicit words and solid beat, a great bluesy number. Following, ‘Third World Child’ with a lilting folky feel , excellent guitar and added simple percussion. Cecile’s voice has a richness which adds depth to the music.

‘Six Letters’ gives us some up tempo raw guitar with slide. With poignant lyrics it is a great track, as is ‘Little Bit’, with superb finger picking guitar work and syncopating rhythms, shades of Django Reinhardt perhaps.

With addition of stomp , ‘Home’ is sung part in English, part in French. The next track, one of my favourites on the album ‘Bloodstained Vodka’, is a slow blues with simple percussion, just brilliantly played and sung in a true old blues style.

With a leaning towards country blues, ‘Sweet Talkin’ Devil’ is a well executed number. The penultimate track ‘Animal Kingdom’, has a folk blues feel , with the last track and name sake of the album ‘Anybody Listening’ finishing this excellent album with some brilliant fingerpicking guitar and a diversity of chords.

Cecile Doo-Kingue is certainly in the higher ranks of female vocalists and her guitar playing is superb. For me, on this album, I would put her on par with Joan Armatrading, but with an added extra. An easy listen album with a poignant message.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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