Review: The Welsh T Band – Where The Road Leads

Posted on: Friday, Jun 19, 2015


Band members: Terry John,  aka ‘Welsh T’ (lead guitar), Kevin ‘Geetar’ Ackroyd (lead guitar), David Hoyle (bass guitar), Dan Burnett (drums).

On the album, additional instrumentation from Steve Dymond, David Hoyle, Graham Dixon and Mick Shaw.

This CD from the band is an honest attempt to give a 2015 feel to some traditional Blues /Rock original material. This combination has energy with superb guitar and harp work, and an overall feel of deep rooted blues and Rock genres.

On the album entitled ‘Where The Road Leads’ there are eight good varied tracks that demonstrate and reflect the bands live performances what you hear is what you get.

1. LUCKY MAN: Every man’s dream of being the bee’s knees when it comes to woman and a life style to go with it.

2. SWEET SHOP: This is a clever twist on what is termed as spoilt for choice when it comes down to it he’s too old to worry and too young to stop.

3. I DON’T KNOW: She left him and now he’s a mess.

4. HOW MUCH: A blues Ballard depicting desperate love sick man.

5. APRIL FOOLS BLUES: A rock and roll track with blues as a base.

6. ITS COLD OUTSIDE: A cold heart over time has developed what went so wrong, a slow blues track traditional format.

7. PLACE IN MY HEART: She’s off but will she return to fill his heart with love. Rock/Blues track slow to mid-tempo.

8. WHERE THE ROAD LEADS: Title track. It’s about life and how you cope with it, Rock and Roll baby how will it all end, no one knows.

When you see this band live buy the CD –  it’s what I call an honest attempt to bring you good music.


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