Review: Left Lane Cruiser – Dirty Spliff Blues

Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015

Stout 1-7-15, 1/7/15, 11:39 AM,  8C, 4570x5131 (756+2014), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/25 s, R60.7, G57.9, B79.7

Left Lane Cruiser – Dirty Spliff Blues

(Alive Naturalsound Records)

Recently expanded from a duo to trio, Left Lane Cruiser, out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, continue to raise hell and kick serious ass on their fifth outing for Alive Naturalsound Records, the mighty and pretty damn fantastic “Dirty Spliff Blues”. The band combine . . . well . . . just about everything . . . from seriously rocking tunes, but always with a bluesy content, and plenty of garage and punk edges . . . together it is a righteous appealing concoction.

The trio now comprise of Freddy J IV (aka Joe Evans) on slide guitar and vocals; Joe Bent on bass and skateboard guitar (I kid ye not!) and Pete Dio . . . as the press says, “drums and other assorted junk”! The ten tracks on “Dirty Spliff Blues” are certainly ‘all killer, no filler’ . . . that’s for sure!

The album blasts out of the blocks with the swaggering “Tres Borrachos”, with shades of the legendary ‘down home’ attack of the legendary ZZ Top; that is followed by the lovely groove of “Elephant Stomp”, with its incessant guitar work that gets into your head and stays there! It’s back to some more Southern-flavoured rockin’ on “Whitebread ‘N’ Beans”, which fairly races along.

The hypnotic music of the North Mississippi hill country drives the stand out “Heavy Honey”, with Freddy J IV’s fine voice and slide guitar work, and the groove of rhythm section, Bent and Dio, who fairly push things along as the tune gathers momentum. The title cut, “Dirty Spliff Blues” is a little less frenetic, with a Black Keys vibe to it; the heavy riff of “All Damn Day” is another gem . . . but hell, as stated previously, every one is a gem!

Joe Bent gets to work out on his skateboard guitar on . . . you guessed it . . . “Skateboard Blues”; with proceedings wrapped up with the tough, slide-driven “She Don’t Care” – a super ending to a most highly recommended release for those who like their blues with (very) rough edges, but played with vigour and enjoyment. A great band!


Left Lane Cruiser_JoelFaurote.jpg

(Picture by Joe Faurole)

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