Gig: Royal Southern Brotherhood + Virgil & The Accelerators – The Grand, Clitheroe: Monday, 20th July

Posted on: Monday, Jun 29, 2015

Royal Southern Brotherhood 2014(Misty Leigh McElroy)

When this news gets out, it will undoubtedly excite blues-rock enthusiasts, lovers of live music and aspiring musicians in and around Clitheroe!

Solid Entertainments is delighted to announce that Royal Southern Brotherhood will be playing at The Grand on Monday 20 July and with a very limited presence in the UK in 2015, this is most definitely one show not to miss!

Royal Southern Brotherhood is an American blues, rock, soul, funk, super group, consisting of singer and percussionist Cyril Neville, guitarist and occasional vocalist Bart Walker, guitarist Tyrone Vaughan, drummer Yonrico Scott, and bassist Charlie Wooton.

The past year has seen seismic change for RSB.  If you’ve read the rock press headlines, you’ll know that founder members Devon Allman and Mike Zito have now amicably departed to pursue their solo careers, following stellar contributions to 2012’s self-titled debut album, 2014’s HeartSoulBlood, and the tours that rocked twenty-plus countries across the planet.  Most assuredly, those are huge shoes to fill, but in 2015, Don’t Look Back proves the MkII lineup is up to the mark.

You’ve already met Cyril Neville: groove god, voice box extraordinaire and the beating heart of the Brotherhood.  From roots in The Meters, into The Neville Brothers and onto his solo career, Cyril’s hallowed status in his native New Orleans was rubber-stamped last year when he represented the city for Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways documentary. As ever, he’s flanked by drum master Yonrico Scott and bass powerhouse Charlie Wooton: the backbone that drove the RSB from the start.  Your favourite band is in safe hands.

Now, the band dynamic that Cyril famously describes as a “gumbo” gets a fiery new pinch of spice with a fresh guitar partnership.  Blues-rock fans will know to expect big things from Bart Walker.  A head-turning Nashville gunslinger, Bart’s early dues were paid with Mike Farris and Reese Wynans, but he made his first real ripples with 2013’s Ruf debut Waiting On Daylight and that year’s Blues Caravan tour. For Don’t Look Back, Bart steps up as guitarist, songwriter and occasional vocalist.  “Joining RSB,” he nods, “was the best idea anyone had for me.”

Recruiting Tyrone Vaughan was another great idea.  Like his feted predecessor, Devon Allman, the Texas guitarist knows all about the double-edged sword of a celebrated surname: he’s the son of Jimmie Vaughan and nephew of the immortal Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Yet Tyrone has always walked his own path, coming up the hard way in Austin andproving his songcraft with the blend of rock, blues and country on 2014’s Downtime.  He’s the only man for the gig.

They said that rock ‘n’ roll was dead, but they were wrong.  Right now, there’s something in the air as Royal Southern Brotherhood drag their thrilling new brand of music and white-hot musicianship from the Southern States onto the world stage.  The South is rising again, come along for the ride . . .

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Earlier in the evening, Virgil and The Accelerators will be stepping on stage; a stunning band renowned for their incendiary and seemingly telepathic live delivery!

Virgil McMahon – a very rare talent, started playing his fathers Mandolin at the tender age of four and by his early teens, he was absorbing the sounds of Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Joining his fathers band ‘The Accelerators’, it soon became apparent that Virgil’s destiny was soon to change and it wasn’t long before the band was reborn, “Virgil & The Accelerators”.  Two years later in 2008, when 14 year old brother Gabriel McMahon stepped into the breach, he quickly developed into a powerhouse drummer and the seed was sown for the growth of a formidable band.  With the addition of Jack Alexander Timmis on bass in 2010, the final chapter was written and the dynamics, raw energy and emotionally charged power of this creative young combination exploded onto the music scene!

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