YouTube: Datura4

Posted on: Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015

DATURA4 – Out With The Tide

Inspired by such early-‘70s Australian rockers as Buffalo and the Masters Apprentices, Datura4 aim to capture that same psychedelic boogie-woogie feel in their own brand of heavy rock. The band is led by former Stems frontman Dom Mariani and former You Am I guitarist Greg Hitchcock, and their new album Demon Blues is set to be released this summer. They’ve just completed a video for the groovy, glammy, psychedelic blues number “Out With the Tide”, which we’re happy to premiere today. We’ll be even happier if you crank this sucker.

“The video was directed by Robbie Harrold and shot at Electric City recording studios,” Mariani tells PopMatters. “The layers of black and white footage from different takes interspersed with vibrant colour compliment the high energy of the song. Lyrically it’s an observation on the state of the world right now. Corrupt governments and corporate greed have made the future uncertain. It’s also about the unifying power and freedom of rock ‘n’ roll, and how it brings people together.”

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