Review: Samantha Fish – Wild Heart

Posted on: Tuesday, Jul 7, 2015


Samantha Fish – Wild Heart
(Ruf Records: RUF 1213)

This is the third album of the fast-rising star from Kansas City and it represents another significant step in her development. Ten of the twelve tracks are original compositions – five of them in collaboration with Jim McCormick. Samantha Fish leads the way on vocals and guitar, admirably supported by Luther Dickinson on bass guitar, guitar and mandolin and Brady Blade on drums.

The opening track, “Road Runner”, has an appropriate spring in its step before the slow and sorrowful “Place To Fall” brings things gently back down to earth. “Blame It On The Moon” is enlivened by a fine helping of lap steel from Luther Dickinson while the mood is cranked even higher by the heavier beating “Highway’s Holding Me Now”. The reflective ballad, “Go Home”, which gives full vent to Samantha’s superb vocals, is followed by a terrific rendition of Charley Patton’s “Jim Lee Blues Pt 1”, which boasts Luther Dickinson on mandolin and a change of personnel on guitar and drums in the shape of Lightnin’ Malcolm and Sharde Thomas respectively.

The bouncy, upbeat “Turn It Up” is contrasted with “Show Me”, which provides another dose of bluesy angst and introduces Dominic Davis on bass. “Lost Myself” delivers more introspection while the title track offers echoes of Led Zeppelin. The excellent, upbeat rocker, “Bitch On The Run” is suitably energetic before the album is brought to a close by Junior Kimbrough’s “I’m In Love With You”.

This is a cracking album, which reflects Samantha Fish’s love of Mississippi Hill Country blues, which also fits Luther Dickinson like a glove. It is also a splendid vehicle for Samantha’s highly impressive vocals, which possess that wonderful Bonnie Raitt/Lisa Mills-like edge. It is surely only a matter of time before she attains a similarly elite status.


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