Review: Poorboy – The Cottage Road Sessions

Posted on: Thursday, Jul 9, 2015

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Review for ‘POORBOY’ – CD – ‘The Cottage Road Sessions’ – 2014 Self Release

“Poorboy are a well established four piece blues band from Leeds, who strive to bring a contemporary edge and energy to the music they perform while staying true to the raw earthiness of the Chicago masters.”

Although their album ‘The Cottage Road Sessions’ was recorded last year, the music they produce is timeless. With harp-driven raw Chicago style blues, they have stayed within that genre of blues and the whole album gives us an honest take on the music they perform.

Paddy Wells fronts the band on superb harmonica and vocals, with Gary Whitaker on guitar, Frederic Hiebler on bass with Rick Lacey on drums.

The first track ‘Jumpin’ , is a harp driven instrumental blues boogie providing a great opener. Following, is what I could call a ‘bluebeat’ blues, ‘Find Someone Else’. A great take with elements of Stevie Ray Vaughan in there too.

Next a classic Chicago harp-driven blues written by Nick Gravenites, “Born In Chicago”, but recorded by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1965. A great 12 bar blues with excellent blues harp, vocals and guitar. Then on to ‘Too Many Drivers’, a Lightnin’ Hopkins number, which highlights Paddy’s superb harp playing.

The penultimate and bonus track ‘Up The Line’ is an up tempo blues. The final track on the album, and probably my favourite, is a song by Tom Waits, ‘Heart Attack And Vine’. A slow poignant blues with ripping harp playing and great vocals, a superb finish to an enjoyable album.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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