Review: Ray Goren – Save My Soul

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 11, 2015


Ray Goren – Save My Soul

(RJ Ray Entertainment, Inc.)

In 2014, Ray Goren came virtually out of nowhere with a very big bang and gained everybody’s attention with the release of ‘Private Angel’, an album he made with blues veterans Jamie ‘Bluesboy’ Powell and Sammy Lee. Now, Ray is seriously flexing his musical muscles with this, his second solo five track E.P.

The music here undeniably proves that he has moved on a great deal in many ways since he became mentored by the two ‘old boys’ of the blues. The territory Ray now inhabits is the world of stadiums and very large speakers; for his new partnership with producer and co-writer Jon Sosin melds the Spector wall of sound production with Motown inflections underpinned with very heavy blues guitar work.

Ray takes lead vocals, guitar and synth bass, Jon; guitar and synthesiser, Justin Glasco provides bass, keyboards and percussion with Rob Humphreys and Chaun Horten  on drums. The imposingly crashing and stomping “Stop”, ferociously funkily strides out of the speakers with a rich ringing guitar filling the four walls. Ray’s vocals are confident and somewhat brash but, also contain sweet and welcome elements of Stevie Wonder in his prime.

“Save My Soul”, is a slower bass heavy blues which infectiously soars under striding bass and percussion while the vocals lift as the wah, wah and wailing infused guitar sails to its crescendo. “Can’t Live Like This”, has a rather eighties bombastic drum synthesised sound fuelling this love story but, is nonetheless quite engaging.

The love story that is “I Need You Here To Stay”, builds from urging hand claps and chugging guitar, to an extensive  solo that rises and rises in its’ wringing pain and pleasure to the heights of balloon bursting. “Rise Together”, will become Ray’s future audience urging anthemic encore, for it is filled with ringing hooks, crescendo building guitar pulsing solos, backed with bouncing and serious processional percussion that is interspersed with meaningful and affecting vocal support.

This young man is well worth keeping an eye on in the future.


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