Review: Andres Roots & Raul Terep – Winter Is Coming (feat. Bert Deivert & Mikk Tammepõld)

Posted on: Monday, Jul 13, 2015


Andres Roots & Raul Terep – Winter Is Coming

(Roots Arts Records)

It’s always a pleasure when a new release from the talented and prolific Estonian blues guitarist and writer, Andres Roots, drops on to the mat . . . and the ‘out of season’ four-track, “Winter Is Coming”, is no exception.

As ever it was recorded in The White Room in Tartu, Estonia, and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Aske-Rome Altsoo. Andres Roots is in the company of drummer and fellow-Estonian, Raul Terep, with guest appearances on the EP from the Swedish-based, American mandolin player, Bert Deivert, who takes one vocal; and also Estonian singer Mikk Tammepõld.

The four tracks start with the title cut, “Winter Blues”, featuring the mandolin of Deivert, who also handles vocal duties – it’s a driving blues, with Roots delicately weaving guitar work and the drums of Terep; the following “Spanish Sun” has unsurprisingly a Latin/rumba groove, with Andres Roots showing his fine slide guitar playing on this instrumental.

The gently rolling country-flavoured blues of “All In The Cards” features the fine voice of Mikk Tammepõld and more telling guitar and drums from Roots and Terep; the closing instrumental “Tea For Alex” is another slide-drenched fuzzy-toned workout from the primary duo, and very nice it is too, with the toughest guitar tone on the EP, and a dip on the wah-wah pedal thrown in for good measure.

More excellent ‘Blues From The Baltic’, and of course, highly recommended!


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