Review: The Betty Fox Band – Slow Burn

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 26, 2015

Betty Fox Band - Slow Burn (2015)

The Betty Fox Band – Slow Burn


If you’re wondering about the CD title, take a listen to the nearly seven and a half minutes of Betty’s treatment of Otis Redding’s ‘Remember Me’ – slow burn southern soul at its finest, with Betty’s gospel rooted vocals initially tightly controlled but roaring with wild abandon by the end, guitarist Kid Royal to-the-point and building his solo in classic fashion (as with the vocal), and the rhythm section just keeping it all together.

Betty is based in Florida and grew up within a family gospel singing tradition, and she certainly has the voice for the excellent blend of classic soul and tough blues – take a listen to ‘Baby Please’ another real tour-de-force – that she offers up on this, her second album. Besides the Redding number, the only other cover version on this album is her sensitive solo take of Willie Nelson’s ‘Angel Flyin’ Too Close To the Ground’ that closes out the album.

I’m a little undecided about the two very jazzy numbers, ‘Please Come Home’ and ‘Who’s Holdin’?’, which do let her show her range, but smack a little of the dreaded “novelty” tag – though Royal’s fleet-fingered solo on the latter does help alleviate this feeling. Otherwise, the material is all original, intelligent and well worth a listen, neatly straddling the line between blues and soul, but all of it more than recommended to lovers of the modern blues sound.

I was about to write “remember the name”, but I am pretty sure you’ll be hearing lot a lot more anyway before too long.


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