Review: The Voodoo Sheiks – Voodification

Posted on: Thursday, Aug 6, 2015

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Review for THE VOODOO SHEIKS – CD – ‘Voodification’ – 2015 (Self Release)

The Voodoo Sheiks, from the south of England, second album ‘VOODIFICATION’ continues to ‘rock the joint’ with a mix of classic high energy R&B and some quieter down to earth blues.

Fronting the band on blues harp and vocals is Slowblow Dave, with Adrian Thomas on guitar and backing vocals, Andy Pullin on bass and John Combes on drums, with guest Paul Jobson on keyboard. All the track bar three are self penned.

The first track, ‘The Thrill Ain’t Gone’ is a harp driven R&B number with shades of Feelgood in the tempo. Next with some wah wah intro, ‘Have A Heart’, has a great play with harp and guitar in sync. Some excellent rockin’ R&B to follow with ‘Flying Fortress’, probably one of my favourites on the album with some class boogie piano.

Slowing the tempo right down with ‘Exit Wounds’, a slow blues with good guitar work and meaningful harp. The standard classic blues ‘Build Me A Woman’ gave a platform for an excellent guitar solo. Upping the tempo again on ‘New Boogie Disease’ a great number with shades of ZZ Top.

‘Whipping Post’ is an epic track, a slow blues with some class guitar and Hammond input. A skiffle flavour next, with acoustic guitar and great drum sound on ‘When Love Comes To Town’, a good take. Not too sure of the following track ‘Shred Of Truth’ which falls more into the ‘pop rock’ rather than blues, but it was well put together.

Back to some true blues with a 12 bar, ‘Negative Equitity Blues’, with great lyrics! Upping the tempo with a classic rockin’ R&B number ‘Show And Tell’, having interesting change of rhythms, good wah wah input and excellent drums. The final number on the album ‘Monkey DNA’ is a rockin’ R&B, a good take, again with harp and guitar in sync.

A good album with plenty of rockin’ rhythms to keep the interest. They have taken the influences of many of the ‘greats’ such as Dr Feelgood, Nine Below Zero et al and used them in creating their own style.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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