Gig: Laurence Jones at Bluefunk, Poynton Legion – Thursday, 20th August

Posted on: Monday, Aug 10, 2015


More pearls of wisdom just in from Garry White . . .

May – Rubbish
June – Rubbish
July – Rubbish
I am of course talking about the good ole British Summer.  However…………………

at the Poynton Legion

Not at all rubbish. In fact I would venture to say that it has been quite the opposite, with more ridiculously fine performances than you could shake a stick at!
August can’t be as good surely?
Oh yes it can!
Not one but two eyewatering prospects for you to tangle with.
And you could describe them as polar opposites in some ways.
One is white t’other is black. One hasn’t started shaving yet, the other is as old as Methusaleh. One has it all to do the other has done most of it twice (at least).
They are both unmissable.

Part the First


Thursday August 20th

Laurence is proving to be quite a phenomenon. He attracts plaudits and awards like few others. “Genius” says Walter Trout. “Young Artist Of 2014” voted the Blues fans of the UK. There is no doubt he is special. Just look at his world class band – Roger Inniss and Miri Meittinen. That to me says it all. They don’t have to be anywhere they don’t want to be.

I have socks older than Laurence.

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Part the Second will follow shortly

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