Gig: Leo Bud Welch @ Bluefunk at Poynton Legion – Sunday, 30th August

Posted on: Saturday, Aug 15, 2015


Part two from Garry White:

Ok I won’t mention the weather.

Last week I intimated that August was a game of two halves, chalk and cheese, a curates egg with both parts curiously excellent.

I told you that the first part on August 20th featured the Welsh Wizard Laurence Jones a young man of outrageous talent with a world class band of renowned players.

I have been encouraged by the response, particularly from the wider world. As usual most of you will be leaving it until quarter to six on Thursday to book on and be expecting me to pick up your orders.

Whatever, I have a little further information upon which you have to act immediately if you are interested. A very good friend of Bluefunk is organising a mini bus from Macclesfield for this gig and just might have some spaces left. If this is of interest, Book your tickets now, register your interest in the bus and I will pass on your contact details (phone number please). Anyone already booked come back to me quickly.

For Laurence book here

Part the Second  

Ever since I booked this act I have been unreasonably excited at the prospect of seeing this guy who is a piece of living history. He will transform our humble club into a pukka Mississippi Juke Joint for the duration of his performance.

Having always wanted to go to such a place (I will yet, its no 1 on my bucket list) this is absolutely as close as I will get without crossing an ocean. It will feel like the mountain has come to Mohammed.

unnamed (7).jpg


is 84 years old and learned his craft in his youth in and around Mississippi from some of the greats that were around in those days. At one point, as a teenager he was offered an audition by the the late BB King, But he could not afford the bus fare to Memphis. How blue can you get?!?!

Leo continued in the blues until 1975 when he moved sideways into Gospel where he stayed until he reached his 9th decade and went back into Blues.
He was instantly noticed, has recorded two albums, picked up awards and left Mississippi and the USA for the first time.

We are privileged to have him – can you afford to miss this master of primitive Juke Joint blues.

When : Sunday August 30th

Where : Poynton Legion

Ticket : £10 booked £12 door

book here

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