News: The Claudettes make a triumphant return with “No Hotel”

Posted on: Monday, Sep 21, 2015


Chicago piano/drum wackos are joined by mesmerizing new vocalist

Chicago and New Orleans piano blues get a shot in the arm and Tin Pan Alley gets the hot-rod treatment, while ’60s pop-soul and French Ye-ye make ravishing returns on the Claudettes‘ supercharged second album.

Chicagoans Johnny Iguana (piano), Michael Caskey (drums), and Yana (singing, dancing, and adult supervision) form an immensely entertaining trio mixing the deep roots of Chicago blues with echoes of soul-jazz, space-echo and punk energy. Though their members have performed with the likes of Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Koko Taylor, James Cotton, Chuck Mangione, and Snoop Dogg, the Claudettes bring an electrifying freshness and vitality with them to the stage and the studio.

With NO HOTEL (named after the cruel phrase that appeared on the band’s most deflating venue contract offer yet), the Claudettes use drum sticks, piano hammers, style and swagger to strut from vintage landmarks to someplace new.

“A revelatory blend of jazz and blues, stirred with punk brio and topped with French cream… boisterously irreverent.”  –Chicago Tribune

“It’s a forty-five minute barn-burning party that you never want to end… Just remember to duck when the fights break out.”  –The Big Takeover

“I’d say you have to see them to believe it but, even at that, my guess is that you will wake up the next morning, shake your head and assume you were stoned out of your mind..”  –Reflections In Blue

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