Review: Good Foxy – self-titled

Posted on: Sunday, Sep 27, 2015

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Review for GOOD FOXY – CD – ‘Good Foxy’ – 2015 Self release

Good Foxy are a young, high energy, rock blues band from Clitheroe in Lancashire. Their debut album ‘Good Foxy’ has an exciting and fresh sound. With their influences steeped in classic music of the 70’s, they have taken ideas, but have produced their own individual sound.

Fronting the band on superb lead vocals and guitar is George Banks, with Henry Crabtree on excellent guitar and vocals, Freddie Bruhin Price on confident bass, poetry and vocals, Callum Sykora on incredibly proficient drums and vocals, James Robinson on well played keys, harmonica and vocals, with guests on the album on flute, sax, acoustic guitar and vocals. All the tracks on the CD are self penned and have a definite Good Foxy stamp.

The first track on the album is an instrumental opener ‘Haze In’, with great drums and synthesizer – hints of Pink Floyd spring to mind, but what a brilliant start. This leads into the next excellent track ‘Seek’ , with superb vocals and great drum rhythms, certainly a number that wouldn’t be out of place on a Doors album, but with a so Good Foxy stamp.

Elements of Steely Dan on the intro of ‘The Days Never Change’, but what a fantastic sound, with a change of tempo adding to the interest of the track. Great wah wah and guitar work, with the whole band working hard for the full on sound.

A touch of magical mystery on ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, absolutely love it. It’s so good to hear a fresh approach which is slightly off the wall and interesting. With a brilliant funky element midway and the addition of the flute, it is probably one of my favourite numbers on the album.

An interesting interlude with ‘Pigpen’ – poetry written and performed by bass player Freddie. Then on to some super heavier rock with ‘Gone West’, again with a ‘Doors’ flavour , but some powerful playing from the whole band, just excellent with some fantastic rhythm changes.

‘Hi Watt’ was released as a single and is a high octane rock. Such energy sums up their live performances, love it! Slowing the pace with another fantastic track ‘Hip Noesis’ , with a monologue as Zappa used to do, it just works so well, telling a story. A beautifully put together track with the piano and raw guitar, giving a superb Good Foxy sound.

With the addition of acoustic guitar on ‘Beneath The Weeping Sky’, changing the direction again musically, which makes this such an interesting album. A lovely track with fabulous vocals.

Taking another turn and moving into blues rock with a funky edge, on ‘Tastes Like Sugar’, with some great backing vocals, sax input, with a sprinkle of Hammond and piano for good measure. The final track ‘The Sun Comes Dressed In Red’, is a slow beautifully sung and played number with great lyrics, having an Americana feel, just superb!

Good Foxy are certainly going to be noticed in the near future with the high standard of musicianship and quality of the material they write, they are on a winner. With a mix of styles throughout the album to keep the interest, I can only give them the highest praise. The CD is brilliantly recorded and so well mastered, they get 10 out of 10 from me!!

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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