Review – The Beat Daddys – Hoodoo That We Doo

Posted on: Thursday, Oct 1, 2015


The Beat Daddys – Hoodoo That We Doo

(Melrose Hill Records)

Formed in 1986, by core members Larry Grisham and Tommy Stillwell who are both featured on this album, their ninth, for the first time on a studio album in 20 years, The Beat Daddys have a fine old school blues sound. On the sleeve they talk about working with Tommy Couch and others at the famed southern label Malaco (The Beat Daddys were signed to subsidiary label Waldoxy in the early 90s), and they turn in a fine version of A.D. Prestage’s ‘DUI Love’ – it is one of those lovely narrative type songs that could have been a hit for ZZ Hill or the like.

The set opens with a vaguely spooky-sounding version of Muscle Shoals’ Maxwell Russell’ ‘These Chains’, a highly effective introduction and continues with the moody, tightly controlled ‘Sorry’, before we hit the blues good and proper from then on ‘Pie Or Cake’ has a swamp-blues approach, a stop-time number with wailing harp, then there is ‘Hoodoo Woman’ with its echoes of vintage Fleetwood Mac (at least until the guitar solo), or the Albert King approach of ‘Been Thinkin’’ – the rhythm section excels throughout, but I just have to mention the groove they achieve on this one.

‘Luck’s Got To Change’ veers towards country-soul, ‘The Blues Can Heal Ya’ is one of those anthemic type of shuffles, and closer ‘I Need A Woman’ is a muscular track, the heaviest number on the album, with great slabs of Tommy Stillwell’s slide guitar work and fine harp work from Larry.

Pretty impressive when all is said and done – check it out.


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