Feature: Good Foxy . . . A young Lancashire band to watch out for . . .

Posted on: Saturday, Oct 3, 2015

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GOOD FOXY – A young Lancashire band to watch out for. http://www.goodfoxy.co.uk/

Having reviewed the amazing debut album from this young and talented band, I was invited to the launch of the CD to listen again, but this time to a live take. All I can say is ‘watch this space’!!

These 19 and 20 year olds from Clitheroe in Lancashire, formed the band in 2013 and have continued over the past two years to explore and generate a personal sound that has become Good Foxy’s own. Playing a mix of rock and blues with a touch psychedelia, with roots taken from the 70’s, their influences have been from the likes of the Doors, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Zeppelin et al with acoustic flavours of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley, but with a total freshness of sound.

George Banks fronts the band with a voice so much bigger than his years. Incredibly distinctive with a wide range, not unlike that of a young Jim Morrison and he also plays a mean guitar.

Henry Crabtree sets the world on fire with his guitar playing, loving his wah wah pedal, he is certainly not a passive player and pushes his experimentation of sound to the upper limits.

Freddie Bruhin-Price is the most competent and animated bass player I have seen or heard for a long while. With a maturity of playing and the ability to work closely with the drummer , he also takes a lead role when needed. Freddie is also the poet in the band and general spokes person as well as providing backing vocals.

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Sometimes a drummer will be noticed for the ability to play with complex rhythms and a total flare, this is what I would say about Callum Sykora. He is a total natural rhythm maker and I’m sure he will be up there with the best before much longer.

The newest member of the band, co-opted last year, is keyboard wizz James Robinson. He has been a well added addition, bringing a new dimension to the already great sound. With strengths in the use of the synth and keyboard, he also plays the harmonica brilliantly and adds backing vocals to the Good Foxy sound.

All the material on the new album was written by Good Foxy and they have had a busy time playing in and around the north of England, with prestigious shows including the British Stage at the Great British R&B Festival in Colne this year, and supporting Status Quo at Hoghton Tower, Preston. They have also recently had a successful mini tour in Sweden.

The evening of the launch, at the amazing Grand venue in Clitheroe, was really well supported and totally enjoyed by the crowd, with many local fans. The live music reinforced what I had already thought … Good Foxy are going to be something a bit special! Their stage presence, energy and mix of musical sounds has an edge on many of the bands out on the circuit at the moment. I hope to see them at the major festivals next year, so if you are booking bands take note, for an exciting and musically interesting performance Good Foxy is it!

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer www.facebook.com/lancsbluesarchive

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