Review – Kris Barras Band – Self-Titled

Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015

Kris Barras Band – (Self-Titled)


If you grew up with the sound of early 70s blues-rock ringing in your ears, get this, you’ll love it.

Norman Darwen

Oh, OK then, I suppose I’ll have to write a bit more . . .

Vastly experienced West Country-based singer, guitarist and bandleader Kris Barras lists his prime influence as Gary Moore, so that when he grew tired of playing jazz-rock instrumentals, he decided to return to his roots, and the result is this high energy set of muscular, power trio blues-rock. He is backed by Rocky Mitchell on bass and Jon Perrin on drums, in classic fashion.

Though Kris is no copyist and certainly not a tribute act, expect to hear echoes of Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Free and the like, strong vocals, crunching riffs, powerhouse rhythms, incendiary solos. He can tackle the slow blues with ease too – take a listen to ‘Watching Over Me’ for a good example.

Unlike some, Kris and his crew do generally keep close to the blues format throughout the whole album too – so yes, if blues-rock’s your bag, you’ll love this. ‘Nuff said!


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