YouTube: John Campbelljohn – Meet My Maker

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015

Dedicated to the co-writer Stan Carew

I’d come up with a guitar riff and chord progression one afternoon. The mood of the music felt dark and serious. I sent a demo to Stan and asked him if he could contribute a lyric. In typical fashion he’d come back to me by supper time with the original demo and a melody and lyric which he recorded at home.

I played the mp3. It was dark alright. I was and still am in awe of Stan’s ability to be so creative with words….but this tune was pretty dark for this Cape Breton raised Catholic boy. So I called my wife downstairs to have a listen. We talked. I played it for her. When it finished she looked at me and said, “Dark? What are you talking about? I’m a fan of the Walking Dead. I love it!” I’ve got to learn to lighten up. Thank you Stan. Rest in peace my friend. – John Campbelljohn

Since its release in March 2015, Chin Up, the newest offering from East Coast guitarist John Campbelljohn has been getting great international reviews from critics as well as continued placements on the !earshot national campus and community radio charts. Chin Up features 12 original tracks covering a myriad of topics and sub-genres, all highlighting Campbelljohn’s prowess as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter.

From the up-beat opening number “The Mumble Boogie” the progressive blues sounds of “Meet My Maker”, the rocking blues track “Castaway”, and the folk blues based “How Stupid Is That”, Campbelljohn proves with each song why Blues Revue Magazine deemed him a “guitar-god-in-the-making”.

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