Review: Rock Candy Funk Party – Groove Is King

Posted on: Monday, Oct 26, 2015


Rock Candy Funk Party – Groove Is King

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A bit of a belated review for this all-star collective’s second album, following on from 2013’s “We Want Groove” – as the core band of producer Tal Bergman (drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Ron DeJesus (guitar) and Mike Merritt (bass) ‘mash up’ rock, dance, funk, jazz and more on “Groove Is King” – a generous 16- track collection, including two covers.

Needless to say with the talent on board the musicianship is off the highest calibre and the different genres of music, as previously mentioned, blur into each other. It’s a huge sounding record with lots of guitar-driven funk and strident horns, that would make this appeal to all manner of music fans.

Also on board are musicians of the calibre of Randy Brecker, Renato Neto, Fred Kron and Daniel Sadownick – with the legendary Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top acting as ‘master of ceremonies’ “Mr Funkadamus”, with his trademark growl.

The inclusion of Joe Bonamassa will be of interest to blues/rock fans and he certainly contributes plenty of trademark guitar, in the company of the other fine musicians here. Highly recommended for all lovers of funk, rock and more as Rock Candy Funk Party deliver the goods!


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