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Spotify celebrates the 20th anniversary of Alive Naturalsound Records with a special playlist featuring the Black Keys, Buffalo Killers, Radio Moscow, Lee Bains Iii & The Glory Fires, John The Conqueror, T-Model Ford, Iggy Pop & James Williamson, Left Lane Cruiser, The Nerves, Paul Collins & many other great alive acts.

News: The Ivory Elephant

Posted on: Saturday, Jun 13, 2015

Cracking sounding band from Melbourne . . . The Ivory Elephant.

I love these guys. Not the same old blues – genuine lo-fi rockers. Left Lane Cruiser has a new album approaching. Dirty Spliff Blues. You can here three tunes online here.

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Yazan Revives the Ghosts of Old Southern Blues on ‘Tell Me Baby’ | SPIN. Enjoying this raucous noise this morning. Plenty of energy.

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Rock and Roll is a beautiful thing

Posted on: Sunday, Mar 15, 2015

This looks dead good. I don’t have the ability to play vinyl though. ROCK & ROLL IS A BEAUTIFUL THING – Alive 20th Anniversary album. Gatefold Double-LP limited-edition Record Store Day exclusive of 900 copies on colored vinyl. As part of Record Store Day, Alive Naturalsound is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a label with […]

Handsome Jack

Posted on: Sunday, Sep 7, 2014

Loving this at towers this morning. Some people call it a vibe and some people call it a groove. We call it boogie soul. It’s the sound of HANDSOME JACK on their new album “Do What Comes Naturally”. Produced by Zachary Gabbard of the BUFFALO KILLERS and featuring Bob Nave (of the legendary […]

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Greg Coulson – Squat That Rabbit

Posted on: Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014

Greg Coulson ‘Squat That Rabbit’ Debut Single release “Just 23 years old, Northamptonshire’s Greg Coulson is definitely one to watch. Informed by the organ masters Ray Charles, Steve Winwood and Booker T, his style is rhythmic, fluid and above all, very exciting.” Classic Rock Blues magazine Over the years Greg’s influences have changed but he’s […]

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New download-only track from Simon McBride

Posted on: Friday, Aug 22, 2014

New download-only track from Simon McBride Incendiary blues-rocker Simon McBride has signalled work on a new album with the impending release (1st September) of a download-only track entitled IT’S NOT OVER. The album will release in 2015. The Belfast-born guitarist grabbed attention with his CROSSING THE LINE album, prompting the USA magazine Performer to say […]

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Tina Bednoff and the Cocktailers

Posted on: Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014

Here’s a new EP by Finnish blues act Tina Bednoff and the Cocktailers. You can listen over on Soundcloud. Great to see a group playing some traditional RnB.

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Free download from Simon McBride

Posted on: Tuesday, Jun 10, 2014

Here’s the link to a version of Henrix’s as Little Wing, played at the Garage in Highbury London in April 2013.

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Piano Slim

Posted on: Thursday, May 29, 2014

We had a couple of MP3s sent through to the site email address. Piano Slim – Worried Life Blues For an upcoming release I hear. Listen here

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Soundcloud: Kat and Co.

Posted on: Monday, Apr 14, 2014

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Rolling Stone premieres John the Conqueror’s new song “Waking Up To You” as part of their daily download feature! Click here to listen! John the Conqueror to release second album The Good Life on Feb. 25th through Alive Naturalsound Records! Philly-based blues-rock trio to embark on European winter tour followed by US dates in the […]

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Left Lane Cruiser – “Rock Them Back To Hell”

Posted on: Saturday, Aug 31, 2013

Left Lane Cruiser release their brand new record “Rock Them Back To Hell” next month. We don’t have a review copy of this record but I am delighted to report that one of the songs is available as a free download. Left Lane Cruiser’s Freddy J IV and Brenn Beck are back with an […]

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Swamp Dogg – Gag A Maggot

Posted on: Sunday, May 12, 2013

Check out this little slab of 70’s funk and soul. Re-released for the first time on vinyl since its original release in 1973! “Ivan Olander’s drums, Little Beaver’s guitar, even the horns of the Swamp Dogg Band maintain a fierce momentum that’s not conventional at all.” – Robert Christgau (Dean Of American Rock Critics) Swamp […]

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Dick Farrelly and Mat Walklate

Posted on: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Did you manage to catch Dick Farrelly and Mat Walklate on their recent tour?  If not – here’s what you missed. Follow the link to hear some live recordings from the tour.

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