Roger Daltrey & Wilko Johnson – Going Back Home

(Chess Records: CRCD2014)

The album ‘Going Back Home’ is a masterpiece from two iconic performers, Roger Daltrey and Wilko Johnson. Put together in one week, it speaks loudly of what is good old traditional R&B.

Wilko Johnson, ex Dr Feelgood, is suffering from pancreatic cancer, but he and Roger Daltrey, ex Who, decided to put an album together…. because they can! All the tracks, bar one, are self penned by Wilko.

With Roger Daltrey on vocals, Wilko Johnson on guitar, Norman Watt-Roy on electric bass, Dylan Howe on drums and percussion, Mick Talbot on piano and Hammond organ and Steve Weston on harmonica, the album was produced and mixed by Dave Eringa.

The first track, and the name sake of the album ‘Going Back Home’, goes straight in with up tempo R&B. Some fantastic harp playing from Steve Weston on this number and a great opener for Roger and Wilko. Next, in the classic Wilko style, ‘Ice On The Motorway’, has some great basic rhythms.

A change on the next track, ‘I Keep It To Yourself’ as R&B meets country. A real foot stomping number with superb vocals and harp, with a definite leaning towards a certain Mr Cash! The next track is a great rendition of the only non original track on the album, a Dylan number, ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’.

‘Turned 21′ gives us another track leaning towards country, while ‘Keep On Loving You’ has shades of 70’s funky rhythms and some great guitar. We then hit an up tempo rockin’ track, ‘Some Kind Of Hero’ where you have difficulty keeping your feet still!

Wilko has a very distinctive style and the next track ‘Sneaking Suspicion’ has classic Wilko rhythms with some great vocals from Roger. On ‘Keep It Out Of Sight’, with the input of the Hammond, it gives a great 70’s feel. Roger still has power in his voice which is evident on this excellent track.

Getting back to basics ‘Everybody’s Carrying A Gun’ is a classic R&B with some fine honky tonk piano. The final track on this excellent album is ‘All Through The City’, where Wilko’s guitar works in tandem with the bass, on this up tempo number.

A great album to take you back in time and although it’s studio based, it hasn’t been over mastered to lose the authentic rough and ready feel. From two legends in their own right, this is definitely one for the history books!

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive and independent reviewer

www.facebook.com/lancsblues archive

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The brilliant King King return to Telford’s Warehouse in Chester, next Tuesday, 6th May.

Check out the great video from Tripsybon from a gig at The Met, Bury, with their superb version of Frankie Miller’s “Jealousy”.


Matt Schofield interview in Glide magazine

Posted on: Wednesday, Apr 30, 2014

As mentioned by The Blues Magazine.  If you are not following this site then please do.

Here’s the article.


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A welcome return of this band from the Warrington area, The Escape Committee, that came to entertain the packed crowd here at BJ’s.

The band was formed more than 30 years ago by frontman and lead guitarist and lead vocalist Peter “Sarge “Frampton. Peter has been a beacon for the blues /rock genre here in the North West and musically has no boundaries, such is the dedication and talents of the man.

Peter, now retired from teaching, has time now to concentrate on his music and will enter into a variety of musical projects. The band over the years has taken many turns and has had the best of musicians with him on stage. The rhythm section was Paul Burgess on the drums – and if the name rings a bell then you will know that he played with the famous band 10cc. On the bass guitar was John Gibson – a brilliant musician and has that easy style about him a solid line – and along with Paul were absolutely spot on.

Peter, with his voice range a cross between Stevie Winwood and Eric Clapton, gets into the heart of the song, a natural – with covers by Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jimi Hendrix , Cream, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and many more –  just fantastic and technically superb,  it just blended.

An entertaining evening with a band that sets the bench mark, cracking!


 National & international music reviewer

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Doug MacLeod at Liverpool Marina – 24th April, 2014

I went along to Liverpool Marina having seen posters on the door advertising Doug Macleod. What a treat. Knowing little about blues music, and nothing about Doug, I wondered what the evening held in store. A warm welcome at a great venue. Being new to Liverpool, I loved seeing a jangle of masts through the windows; the draught cider was delicious and several people greeted me in a friendly way.

Doug came on and immediately warmed his audience with songs built on ancient themes. He told his tales with humour and witty words: “more make-up than five drag queens”; “a silver-tongued lawyer who could make you believe the river flowed upstream”. Blues is the story of overcoming and surviving, and Doug gently offered hard-won advice, beautifully woven in stories and lyrics.

All the music was his, written in classic style, drawing on innovative chords and clever picking patterns. “The right hand is the personality” he explained. His easy smile and inclusive, relaxed way of gazing round his audience whilst demonstrating his skills had everyone’s attention. After a short interval, he whispered us back to quiet, almost as a school teacher would.

He reminded us to pack our sense of humour before we got out of bed – handy advice from one who had spent time “looking for the money my wife just spent” and who, despite a face creased by smiles, had known hard times and loneliness.

Great tunings, hammered chords and superb bottleneck technique were all part of an enjoyable, relaxed evening that left me smiling. Thanks!


News: Moreland & Arbuckle gigs

Posted on: Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014


From Norman Darwen:

After their fine show at the Ramsbottom Festival in September last year, it is good to report that Wichita, Kansas-based Moreland & Arbuckle are back in our area in June.

Guitarist Aaron Moreland and harpman/ vocalist Dustin Arbuckle plus drummer Kendall Newby, bring their tough, rootsy but contemporary and individual blues-rock sound to The Met at Bury on Thursday, 19th June; or depending on where you live, you could check them out at North Yorkshire’s Saltburn Rhythm & Blues Club the preceding day or at Hooker’s Blues Club in Overton-On-Dee near Wrexham, on 27th June.

I’d advise you to take a listen to their latest album for Telarc, “7 Cities” too…

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Test Facebook Integration….

Posted on: Monday, Apr 28, 2014

Here’s a bird….

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The May line-up for BJs Rock In The Blues at The Hop Pocket, Chorley:


8 MAY                COLD FLAME

15 MAY              POORBOY

22 MAY             EARLY MAC BAND

29 MAY             THE IDLE HANDS


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Review: Eric Bibb – Me To You

Posted on: Monday, Apr 28, 2014

Bibb Cover 200dpi.jpg

Eric Bibb – Me To You

(Manhaton Records: Hatman 2032)

After a staggering 12 years out of print here is a most welcome and overdue re-release for the debut studio solo album that sent Eric Bibb on his way to becoming one of the blues major stars. Originally released in 1997 on Mike Vernon’s Code Blue label this superb 14-track collection is now out on Alan Robinson’s Manhaton Records.

The music was recorded in no less than 11 studios and features a whopping 44 musicians! ‘Heavyweight’ guest spots come from the likes of Pops and Mavis Staples, Taj Mahal  and Paul Jones, together with a most talented and seasoned group of mainly Swedish and British musicians, who include Dave Bronze, Ian Gibbons and Bibb’s long-time collaborator Goran Wennerbrandt.

As ever with Eric Bibb’s music over the years this debut highlights his almost perfect honey-edged vocals and acoustic guitar on a mix of joyous blues, folk and gospel . . . that have seen him stay the course and be still a  major pull on the touring circuit.

The New York City born Bibb of course dominates the music here, ably helped and supported by the vast array of musicians. Highlights are really too numerous too mention, but here goes . . . the truly delightful “Sing Your Song”, with Taj Mahal helping out on vocals; the funky “Between A Woman And A Man”, which showcases Wennerbrandt’s fine slide guitar, as does the following “Talk To Me”.

Pops and Mavis Staples  help out on the beautiful gospel-edged “Something Much Greater”; Bibb takes a solo turn on the folk-blues of “Gonna Walk This Road”, with sweet vocal and fingerpicked acoustic guitar; the strutting blues of “I Need A Vacation” is another treat, with Paul Jones guesting on harmonica and the top rhythm section of Dave Bronze on bass, and B.A. Fox on drums.

A highly recommended re-release, and as producer Mike Vernon says, “If this is your first time with it, enjoy. If you’ve heard it before – enjoy again”. Indeed!




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The Burnley International Rock & Blues Festival takes places next weekend – Friday, 2nd May-Sunday, 4th May, with The Hoax headlining the main stage and gigs all around the town:

Full details to be found here: www.burnleyrockandblues.com

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Andy Twyman CD.jpg

Andy Twyman – Blues You Haven’t Heard Before


Hailing from Sussex, Andy Twyman’s album ‘Blues You Haven’t Heard Before’ certainly lives up to its name. Andy is a lone player and one man band, of which he has certainly become a master of. He plays drums, guitar, harmonica and sings live and simultaneously. I believe all the tracks on the album are self penned.

The first track on this interesting album, ‘I Eat Pot Noodles With A Plastic Fork’ with ‘tongue in cheek’ lyrics, has some great blues harmonica playing. Following this a slow blues, ‘Afraid Of The Blues’, with some superb slide guitar. Great vocals throughout.

‘Stand Up’ is a great up tempo number with some excellent finger picking guitar, a real foot tapper and again, some great lyrics, brilliant! Loved the next track ‘You Ain’t Fat’, a standard 12 bar blues with a ‘twist’ …. added humour along with the excellent playing.

One for the ‘Trekkies’, an off the wall track ‘I Want To Be Captain Kirk’ . The next number, ‘Sharkey’s Bar’, blew me away with the use of a bass guitar played as the lead. It’s difficult to believe it’s only Andy playing. Love it!

Next we have a ‘lilting ditty’, ‘Information Freedom’, telling a story, perhaps in the similar style of Ian Dury. Some haunting harmonica and a well put together track. Slowing things down, ‘Relax’ is an easy 12 bar blues with simple percussion and great guitar playing.

‘Lick Luxembourg’ is an up tempo rockin’ number with some interesting ‘chat’ that made me smile. Andy could be, and sounds like a full band, just amazing multi tasking!!! The final track on this unique album strays away from ‘the blues’ and is the ‘bonus track’. A beautifully sung and played number ‘Field Of Heather’ leaning more towards popular folk. A lovely track.

Andy Twyman is a young and all round class musician and singer songwriter. He gives a ‘fresh’ approach to ‘the blues’ with the addition of some humour in the lyrics on some the tracks. I found the album not only entertaining, but also extremely well played and sung by this versatile and talented young man.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive & Independent Reviewer



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This is worth a read.


Don’t forget to check out the photos and the video.

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Review: Andres Roots Roundabout – Three!

Posted on: Saturday, Apr 26, 2014


Andres Roots Roundabout – Three

(Roots Art Records: RAR1304)

Here’s a mighty fine release criminally ignored by us on its release last year – but still deserving of a few words now! The multi-talented Andres Roots from Tartu in Estonia leads his unconvential trio, Roundabout, through a lovely and totally instrumental album – with the line-up of two guitars and drums!

Apart from Roots on guitar, he is joined by Martin Eessalu (guitar) and Raul Terep (drums) – as ever the album was recorded on ‘home turf’ at the White Room in Tartu, with mixing, mastering and co-production duties handled by Asko-Rome Altsoo and Roots himself, and it sounds very nice indeed!

Andres Roots and Martin Eessalu’s guitars take solos on various songs and swap lines throughout the songs; with the drums of Raul Terep very prominent throughout. Highlights are many including revisits to two Bullfrog Brown – Roots longtime band – in the form of “Wagon Swing” and “Saucer”, and a tune that goes back longer in origin, “Saucer” – which Terep actually played on back in 2005.

Tracks such as “Link To Elmore” and “Saucer Full Of Cream” give broad hints in the titles alone to guess where they are coming from, as well as “Moby Duck” . . . you can tell they have had a ball making this record!

The music itself  touches into some rock and swing, a little bit of ‘surf’ and more . . . whilst of course being firmly rooted in the blues . . . a lot is slide-driven but with also some fine intricate finger-picked guitar work and of course the constant driving rhythms of Raul Terep.

Well worth catching up on and highly recommended.



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Review: The Bluesmasters – Volume Three

Posted on: Friday, Apr 25, 2014


The Bluesmasters – Volume Three

(Direct Music Distribution)

The Bluesmasters albums are created on a similar premise to that of Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings; a well known and more than capable musician of good standing in the musical community decides to invite a loose and flexible cross-section of like minded friends and individuals to come together and play all kinds of music with taste and distinction, finally, select a varied collection of original, known and possibly lesser known covers, sprinkle them with bonhomie, and then hopefully, you will have a recipe for good time quality music.

With Volume Three this premise is maintained, joining Tim Tucker; guitars, this time we have Larry Thompson; drums, Doug Lynn; harmonica, Kassidy (daughter of Tim) Tucker; bass, Mitch Towne; piano and B3 organ. Hazel Miller provides lead vocals for six numbers and Mickey Thomas, three, with an instrumental to complete the ten, of these, six are Craig Ericson originals. Also providing support are; Hubert Sumlin, Ric Ulsky, Aynsley Dunbar, Rusty Anderson, Eric Gales, Jake E. Lee and Bob Birch.

Hazel possesses a vocal range that is infused with a subtle mixture of blues, gospel and jazz that sizzles like an ignited fuse and has the explosive raw power of nitro-glycerine. This is amply displayed within the two numbers that start with a melancholic B3 on “Suspicious”, which sorrowfully oozes and pulsates alongside Hazels’ raw, remonstrating and disdainful comments on a soon to be ex-lover, as a fuzzing guitar and metronomic drum work extends the pain.

On the second, Hazel confidently and boisterously extols the virtues and requirements of being “A Good Time Woman”, a bouncing; starkly sharp harmonica joins energetically pounding drums in an effort, to keep up with Hazel.  The highly infectious, urging and strident instrumental “Colorado Boogie”, is a blasting Chicago fuelled and harmonica led floorboard pounder.

Two of the featured Mickey Thomas numbers are, well up, to his usual high standard with a splendid cover of the Jimmy Reed favourite “Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do?”  The rasping, sleazy, crawling harmonica dominates the airwaves with Mickey countering with a plaintive and strident vocal that shivers. The other one is Eddie Moneys’ “Baby, Hold On”, here, it is an exciting and pounding fast paced r&b stomper which certainly gets the blood pumping; it also happens to be an audience favourite of The Bluesmasters live set.



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Tonemonkey reviews Robert Cray

Posted on: Thursday, Apr 24, 2014

Must pick up a copy…


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An early shout for this one . . . the Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans are back . . .

Tickets: £17.50 – 7.30 pm-11.30 pm

Ticketmaster or  www.ticketquarter.co.uk


The members of the Hot 8 were all born and raised in New Orleans; many of them began playing together in high school. In 1995 they came together and began playing traditional New Orleans brass band music professionally. New Album, Tombstone, out Now from Tru Thoughts. On tour everywhere.

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