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From Garry White: Thursday, 19th November, should have brought The Ben Poole Band to us but his cancellation has given me the opportunity to bring in another extremely talented young player – Chris King Robinson – who, like Laurence Jones, is carving his way into the psyche of British blues fans and joins him in the […]

Unique, extraordinary, breathtaking, USA Blues Hall Of Famer Catfish Keith, will redefine everything you think is good about acoustic blues guitar. He rewrote the book, he reinterprets everything you think you know. One of a kind and definitely one of the best acoustic blues men of the modern era. When : Sunday, 1st November Where : […]

Live gig review for ‘CHRIS BEVINGTON & FRIENDS’ by Rosy Greer -Lancashire Blues Archive @ Bluefunk R&B Club, Poynton Legion, Poynton, Cheshire – 15/10/15 This was my first visit to the Bluefunk R&B Club in its Poynton home, and what an excellent venue! Tonight was going to be something of a treat, with the […]

As part of their current tour these two exceptional players – Mat Walklate and Paulo Fuschi – visit the ‘Church of Bluefunk’ Devil’s Music Sunday sessions. Both have individually graced Bluefunk before with other projects but this coming together has proved beyond doubt that the sum of the parts can  be greater than the whole. […]

Gigs: September at Bluefunk

Posted on: Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015

Just in from Garry White: Well now, what was August like! Two unbelievable performances from Laurence Jones and then the wonderful Leo ‘Bud’ Welch. Both will live in the memory banks for a long long time. Now September beckons. Another two great evenings on the programme for you to wallow in. Read on. The first requires your […]

Part two from Garry White: Ok I won’t mention the weather. Last week I intimated that August was a game of two halves, chalk and cheese, a curates egg with both parts curiously excellent. I told you that the first part on August 20th featured the Welsh Wizard Laurence Jones a young man of outrageous talent […]

More pearls of wisdom just in from Garry White . . . May – Rubbish June – Rubbish July – Rubbish I am of course talking about the good ole British Summer.  However………………… BLUEFUNK RHYTHM AND BLUES CLUB at the Poynton Legion Not at all rubbish. In fact I would venture to say that it has […]

Just in from Garry White: Jon has never failed to be less than brilliant at Bluefunk and this new line up couldn’t possibly upset that record with fellow ‘Hoax’ member Mark Barrett on drums, long time sidekick Dave Doherty on bass and Bennett Holland on keyboards. Armed with that information what else could you possibly […]

Bluefunk is developing such a strong affinity with the rich vein of fabulous bands from the Jersey Shore that I am half expecting a call from’ The Boss’ himself in the near future. And why not indeed? The wave sent out last night by Billy Walton and his utterly superb rocking blues outfit could easily become […]

Gigs: Bluefunk presents at Poynton Legion . . .

Posted on: Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just in from Garry White: Two more days and it’s June. Still freezin’ still rainin’. Texas (a desert state) is currently under water, in India temperatures are nudging 50 degs C and killin’ folks, in Mexico a town, that has never had a tornado, was flattened in 60 seconds by a tornado. There are still […]

Brothers Stevie and Alan Nimmo come together to prove once again that sibling rivalry brings out the best in both of them! Picture the scene, a stage full of Orange valve amps, two guitar wielding brothers teasing out some of the most magisterial notes with ultimate Glaswegian intensity from their Les Paul’s and Fender Stratocasters, and […] From Garry White of Bluefunk: The merest mention of the NIMMO name is enough to set the pulse racing of any blues rock fan on the planet.  If you were privileged to see The Nimmo Brothers, Stevie and Alan at the Cabin last autumn you will know why we are so excited to host Stevie’s […]