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Tickets: £6   book here Its that man again ! Once more Barry Barnes returns to Bluefunk with his band the mighty SINNERBOY. With the UK’s best loved celebration of the life and work of the sainted Rory Gallagher, in this, the 20th anniversary of the great man’s passing. We last saw Barry when he guested […]

With special guests Jamie Walker (Tantrum, Feud) and Dewi Chappell (Rough Twist) Tickets :  £6  book here Skipping 1st January and landing on the 8th Jim’s next one is gravid with interest. His guests this time are two absurdly talented young players. Both have appeared at Bluefunk before and will consequently be known to many of you. It […]

Just in from Garry White of Bluefunk: A recent scientific study (mine) has revealed that attending high quality live music shows can increase life expectancy by 0.03%, + 0.05%. Incontravertible evidence emerged that it can improve the quality of life to the power of 3.2. The evidence can be found at any Bluefunk event throughout the […]